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Christmas Comp 2023

Entry Deadline: Wednesday 6th December 2023

Competition Times/Dates: 10th  December 2023


New College, Leicester, LE36DN


Competition 1: 

Ages 4/5/6/7 years (year born 2019/2018/2017/2016)

Registration - 8 am 

Approx finish - 10.30/11am


Competition 2 

Ages 8/9/10/11+ (year born 2012-2015)  

Registration - 11.15 am

Approx finish - 1/1.30pm


Competition 3 

Comp/Development/MyClub/Premium & Disability groups 

Registration - 2 pm

Approx finish - 5.30pm


Please arrive approximately 15 minutes before your registration time to avoid delay.



Spectator fee: £5 on the door (Cash Only)

Children: under 16 free entry

If you have multiple children throughout the day you will not be expected to pay a spectator fee again.


Girls – Leotard/Leotard and shorts or sportswear   

Boys – leotard/Tshirt/Shorts or sports wear

Clothing discounts will be sent to you shortly

For more information on clothing please contact


Thank you 

Girls Age 4/5 years old

Girls Age 6 years old

Girls Age 7 years old

Girls Age 8 years old

Girls Age 9 years old

Girls Age 10 years old

Girls Age 11+ years old

Boys Age 4/5 years old

Boys Age 6 years old

Boys Age 7 years old

Boys Age 8 years old

Boys Age 9 years old

Boys Age 10 years old

Boys Age 11+ years old

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