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Technical proficiency: This includes mastery of basic gymnastics skills such as tumbling, balancing, and acrobatics. Gymnasts should demonstrate control, precision, and proper execution of techniques.


Artistry and expression: Acrobatic gymnastics artistic expression. Creativity, musicality, and emotional connection in routines, as well as synchronised movements and fluid transitions between elements.


Strength and flexibility: Acrobatic gymnasts need exceptional strength and flexibility to perform dynamic lifts, holds, and balances.


Synchronisation and timing: In pair and group routines, synchronisation and timing are critical. Gymnasts must work together seamlessly, coordinating their movements and transitions to create a cohesive performance.


Presentation and performance: Gymnasts should present themselves with confidence and poise, engaging the audience and conveying the emotion and narrative of their routine. Presentation aspects such as costume choice, grooming, and stage presence also contribute to overall performance.


Overall, excellence in acrobatic gymnastics requires a combination of technical skill, artistic expression, strength, flexibility, synchronization, and performance quality. Judges evaluate each of these elements to determine the overall quality and effectiveness of a routine or performance.



£26 per month (1.5hour)

Fees would be paid using our online database system LoveAdmin (monthly recurring payments.

(42 weeks per year)

New College Leicester



4.30pm-5.30pm  Acro/Tumble Age 5-8


5.30pm-7.00pm  Tumble Advanced Age 8+


7.00pm-8.30pm  Acrobatics Advanced Age 8+



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