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MyClub (NGB Program)


MyClub is a programme that gives teenage gymnasts an active role in the ownership of their gymnastics activity and is a great way to help clubs to keep teenagers participating in the sport.

It is a 'club within a club' where gymnasts can form a group to create sessions tailored for their needs. MyClub encourages gymnasts to work with a coach to plan their own sessions, decide on what they would like to do and achieve, manage their own development and organise social events.

MyClub is about fun and friendship as well as training and learning new skills.

How can MyClub help you?

MyClub is a great way to keep teenagers engaged in gymnastics by giving them an opportunity to experience a variety of activities that they can tailor to suit their requirements and maintain their motivation. Retaining gymnasts in the club assists in creating a pathway into coaching, judging or supporting roles within the club.



£41/61/71 per month

Fees would be paid using our online database system LoveAdmin (monthly recurring payments.

New College Leicester


6:00pm-8:00pm Age 9+ (Mixed)


5:30pm-7:30pm Age 9+ (Girls only)


1:00pm-3:00pm Age 9+ (Mixed)



Clarendon Park Hinckley



6:00pm-8:00pm Age 9+ (Girls only)

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